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As with most products in the United States economy, a little extra money buys you a lot more quality (up until the very latest offering). The same applies to computer components. The increased reliability, as well as performance, always offset the extra cost. A component failure costs both the buyer & seller. Although component failures can't be eliminated, they can be minimized by using top quality components. Since ACT would rather build & sell computers than spend time repairing them, only the best components are used.


Complete systems:

  • AMD Athlon based
  • Intel based

PC Components:

  • SSDs and Hard drives
  • DVD-R/W drives
  • RAM
  • Motherboards/CPUs
  • Video cards
  • Sound cards
  • Memory card readers
  • USB Flash drives
  • USB External Hard drives

Networking Components:

  • File servers
  • Wireless Access Points / Routers
  • Network interface cards
  • Hubs & Switches
  • Routers / Firewalls
  • Cabling & Connectors


  • Multi-function centers
  • Digital cameras
  • UPSs (i.e. battery backups)
  • Speakers, etc.
  • Data backup systems

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