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Many people feel intimidated by computers because they don't understand how to use them. They are a tool, and like any other tool, the better you are with it, the more you can get accomplished, and the more rewarding it is. ACT can help increase this efficiency/fun factor by tutoring clients on how to get the most out of their computer. Nobody likes reading 'Idiot' guides, or any other text, to learn how to use anything - they need the real-time feedback that only a tutor can provide. A one hour lesson can double most peoples understanding of how to use their computer.

Tutor (Individuals & groups):

  • Operating systems (e.g. Windows 10)
  • Google Chrome (browser)
  • E-mail (clients & webmail)
  • Windows Explorer (file/folder manipulation)
  • Utilities
  • Selected programs (Word, Excel, etc.)


(541) 408-3500

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